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Some People Don’t Belong in a Box

Hi, I’m Kate Bagoy.

After giving up my boxy cubicle, my boxy house and my boxy car, I’ve spent over a year traveling the world with nothing but a suitcase and a laptop.


I built a freelance business working with clients I love anywhere in the world using online tools.

I discovered true freedom.

You can too.

  • Maybe that means never attending another mindless meeting.
  • Maybe that means never working with another #clientfromhell.
  • Maybe that means traveling full-time as a digital nomad like me.
  • Or maybe you just want to work from your living room (with or without pants).

When you work with me, you’ll know exactly what to do next to start a freelance business, land high-end contracts and profit anywhere doing what you love.

Life is too short to spend your days trapped in a cubicle or corner office.

It’s time to get out there and put a dent in the universe.

I look forward to helping you grow the profitable freelance business that will support you.

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“Kate’s Six Figure Freelancers program and personal coaching transformed my life and business. Not only did I finally start my company but within 90 days I’ve connected with 80 companies and have 10 proposals out valued at $700,000. Thank you for the amazing guidance Kate!”

Dan S., Strategist, New York City

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