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Online Program Outline

You get 33 core lessons, designed to be completed in an hour or less over the course of 3-months, plus TONS of bonus content to help you design your ideal lifestyle and the profitable freelance business that supports it.

Week 0:

Welcome & What to Expect

What to expect for the next 12-weeks, coaching kickoff and organization & planning tips.
The Lean Mindset Pledge (& the TWO biggest challenges for creative business owners)


Module 1: Vision, Goals & Plans

This week you’ll work on your mindset, create a vision for your life & business and set smart goals.
1 – Adopting A Business Owner Mindset
2 – A Vision for You
3 – Goal Setting Workshop


Week 2: Money & Mindset, Oh My!

This week we’re going to dive into some money mindset, review your strategies for success, remember why you’re such a badass AND get started in passive income.

4 – Let’s Talk About Money
5 – Success Strategy
6 – Freeeddooom (Intro to Passive Income)


Week 3: Your Business Plan

This week you’ll review business principles you may’ve slept through in college, spend time thinking about who you want to work with & create a 30-minute business plan.

7 – Business & Marketing 101

8 – Who’s Your Client?

9 – The 30-Minute Business Plan


Week 4 – Branding Workshop

This week you’ll spend some time thinking about what you want people to say about you when you’re not in the room (branding) and will create a style guide and tagline that sets the tone.

10 – Brand Basics

11 – Brand Messaging

12 – Brand Style


Week 5: Creating Your Offers

This week you’ll spend even more time on money, getting specific with what you need to earn, then you’ll get clear on the value your create and set rates based on what you’re really offering.

13 – Dreamlining & Lifestyle Design
14 – Understanding Your Value
15 – Setting Rates & The Psychology of Pricing


Week 6: Self-Promotions

Stop panicking! Promotion is simply building relationships, not being sleezy or salesy. This week you’ll determine where you’re likely to find your clients in-person and online and come up with a strategy for meeting them there.

16 – Getting Your First Client
17 – Long-Term Growth Strategy
18 – Content & Keyword Strategy


Week 7: Your Online Brand

This week you’ll get a better understanding of what makes a great website, how to keep your brand consistent across multiple social media platforms and you’ll start creating content that positions you as an expert.

19 – It’s Not a Portfolio (It’s a Sales Page!)
20 – Consistent Brand Messaging
21 – Creating a New Website (or Fixing What’s Broke)


Week 8: Implementation Week

At this point, you should have all you need to build a great website and to begin promotions. So, it’s time to put things into action! Use this week to create or clean up your web and social profiles and to start promoting.


Week 9: Sales & Bidding Strategy

At this point, you should be starting to promote and have conversations about what you do. Now it’s time to start making offers. This week you’ll refine your elevator pitch, practice it and plan for the sales conversation and bidding.

22 – The Art of the Pitch
23 – The Consultation Call
24 – Bidding & Upsells


Module 10: Operations & Finances

Now that you’ve landed the client, it’s time to start doing the work and optimizing for profit! You’re really good at this part already – this week you’ll start to create systems for communicating with your clients, planning financially and managing projects.

25 – Onboarding & Setting Expectations
26 – Planning & Getting Paid
27 – Offboarding & Following Up


Module 11: Getting Sh!t Done

This week is all about managing your time, and more importantly, learning how to prioritize tasks and projects so you’re always working on the right things for YOU and your business.

28 – Prioritization & Daily Habits
29 – Chunking & Theming
30 – GTD Method Simplified


Module 12 – Ongoing Growth & Authority

Congratulations! You’ve got everything you need to thrive! Now Constant & Never Ending Improvement is the name of the game! For our final week we’ll cover strategies & best practices for continuing to grow your business (and your bottom line)!

31 – Creating Authority
32 – Content Creation & Marketing Funnels
33 – Cover Your Assets

Bonus Modules

Promotion Strategies & Tips

Passive Income & Growth

Quickstart Templates

Money & Income Resources

Resource Library (Coming Soon)

Location Indie Entrepreneur Interviews

Everything you need to build a profitable freelance business

All programs include:

  • Lifetime access to the Six Figure Freelancers online portal
  • 12 Training Modules with 30+ video lessons and bite-sized tasks for building a profitable freelance business
  • Complementary copy of the ebook “Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer”
  • 10+ Hours of total content, worksheets & Lessons
  • Bonus recorded Q& sessions with location-independent creatives
  • Bonus content including worksheets, templates & checklists
  • Private online forum & community, with feedback and tips from Kate