Jumpstart Your Profitable 6-Figure Freelance Business

You don’t have to choose between freedom & financial stability. Join me for this 12-week training program where I’ll walk you through creating a successful business step-by-step, so you can kiss the corporate cubicle goodbye for good (without losing your lifestyle).

What is Six-Figure Freelancers?

Six-Figure Freelancers is a 12-week course for the aspiring freelancer or consultant who wants to transform their career expertise into a high-value, “workanywhere” freelance or consulting business.

For new freelancers transitioning from traditional roles or experienced freelancers, Six-Figure Freelancers will provide you with the business acumen and mindset necessary for taking you from burnout to brilliant. The course was created to teach you how to make big money doing what you love, how to unlock your time with streamlined business practices, how to create additional revenue streams and how to harness the power of the internet to run a business anywhere in the world (or from your pajamas).

You’ll get lifetime access to the online course modules as well as a community of freelancers and consultants that you can learn from, grow and collaborate with as you create your successful workanywhere life. Collaborating alongside freelancers with various specialties & industry experience will open your eyes to different ways to doing business and provide an awesome support system. The Six-Figure Freelancers program is designed to support you as you create a life & business you love.

Success is Not an Accident – Get the Step-by-Step Guide you Need to Create Your Workanywhere Life & Business

“Kate is exactly the kick in the pants I needed to stop dreaming and start doing.”

– Tara W., Archetectural Designer

Is the Six-Figure Freelancers program for you?

Do you know you're meant for more?

Are you certain that you’re meant for more than a tiny cubicle and a sad retirement cake after decades doing the same thing everyday? Take control of your career and design a life you love.

Are you passionate about what you do?

The goal of this program is to help you create a profitable, location-independent business doing what you love to do, so you can wake up excited to get to work everyday.

Do you want freedom to travel?

Working when you want, where you want, with clients you love. No more 8-to-5 grind. No more cubicle farms or mindless meetings. You’ll create an online freelance business so you can travel as much as you want.

Do you want to create an amazing brand?

You’ll learn how to create a clear, compelling and consistent personal brand that attracts high-value clients and repels clients from hell.

Do you want financial freedom & wealth?

Six-Figure Freelancers will teach you how to operate a successful profitable business. Using the knowledge in this course, you’ll start to earn with your mind instead of your time.

Do you want more time & more money?

You don’t have to choose between creativity and profitability. Learn how to leverage online tools to grow your business and earn dollars while you sleep.

“I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted but I knew that I was capable of more than my previous career. With Kate’s expertise, guidance, and support I’ve launched my own business!”

– Jesse C., Writer + Coach

What will I get?

Six-Figure Freelancers guides you through creating the foundation of a profitable workanywhere business step-by-step. Every module and piece of bonus content is specifically created to get you the tools and mindset you need to start or grow the location-independent freelance business of your dreams.

10 Core Course Modules

The targeted weekly course modules will give you all the foundational knowledge you need to create an expert freelance brand and start getting high-value clients, without overwhelming you with information. Modules include a variety of videos, audio, worksheets and resources as well as checklists for action items.

Bonus Modules

On top of your core learnings, we’ll talk about how you can plan to expand your time and grow your business even more with automation, systemization and passive income. You’ll get resources for selecting the best tools for your business, cover legal and financial basics and how to take your business global.

100 Page eBook & Worksheets

You’ll get the Six Figure Freelancers e-Book, a $49 value, to guide you through the course and keep as a reference. The book includes tons of valuable contents as well as worksheets and resources.

Quick-Start Templates & Bonus Materials

You’ll get access to a number of quick templates, like a style guide, rate calculator, sample bid, intake survey and more – so you can start streamlining your business right way!

Private Facebook Group

You’ll access to a private Facebook group where you’ll connect with and support fellow freelancers as you work through the course and beyond.

I really loved this course! It made me think about why I want to be an entrepreneur & it’s a great first step.”

–  Vanessa L. Event Planner

What will I learn?

During the three-month course, you’ll go through 10 course modules, plus bonus materials, created to jumpstart your six-figure freelance business and create your personal brand – so you can create the location independent life of your dreams. Modules will be released weekly so you don’t get overwhelmed, and you can take as much time as you want as you’ll get lifetime access.

Each module includes a training video and a workbook section, with actionable homework items and resource lists. This is your opportunity to create a high-end freelance business and set the foundation for long-term success and wealth creation.

MODULE ONE - Business basics & mindset for freelancers

Business basics & mindset for freelancers:  How to think like a business owner and prosper. In this introductory module, in addition to learning some business basics, we’ll work on your relationship with money, adjusting your mindset for the work ahead and creating a clear vision for your life & business. Then, we’ll create a 30-minute Business Plan that’ll keep you focused.

MODULE TWO - Marketing 101: How to think like a client to get more clients

Marketing Foundation: How to think like a client, so you can get more clients. The single most powerful thing you can do to ensure every marketing program you launch kills it, is to refine your niche and target market – so this week we will focus intensely on narrowing down your area of expertise, identifying your ideal client and creating your tagline.


Now that we’ve got a vision for your business and know who you’ll be working with and for, it’s time to have some fun and start branding yourself! This week we’ll create your style guide and learn about implementing it consistently, online and offline and learn what “branding” really is and why it’s important to your long-term success.


Creating a portfolio that sells – how to create a killer website that gets you clients in a day. This week you’ll learn what you really need to sell yourself online and you’ll either create a single-page website or a PDF brochure for your clients.

MODULE FIVE - Social Media Mastery (or at least the basics)

Social Media Mastery (Or at least the basics): You’ll identify which social networks your clients are using and which ones you like enough to focus your energy on and start creating content that will attract clients to you. I’ll also introduce tools that will make your life easier and give you some general best practices for all the networks I’ve used.

MODULE SIX - Self-promotion & Getting leads

Self-promotion & Getting leads – By week six you’ll have a branded website and social media profiles and be ready to learn how to talk about yourself without feeling insecure or sleazy. You’ll start capturing and following up on leads, and create a plan for keeping leads coming in the door.

MODULE SEVEN - Sales, Bidding & Converting Leads into Clients

Sales, Bidding & Converting Leads into Clients – This week you’ll refine your pitch and messaging, practice having client conversations and learn how to create a bid that blows the competition out of the water.

MODULE EIGHT - Operations: Doing the work & getting paid

Operations: Doing the work & getting paid. You’ve won the bid, what now? This week we’ll talk about the tools you can use to streamline your business and unlock more time, as well as touch on billing, invoicing & accounting best practices.

MODULE NINE - Pot of Gold: Referals, Testimonials and Follow Up

Pot of Gold: Referrals, Testimonials and Follow Up. Referrals are like magic beans for growing your business – but so many freelancers fail to ask! You’ll start to create an automated system for capturing referrals, getting testimonials and following up with prospects.


Lather, Rinse, Repent, Repeat – A good business owner aims for constant and never-ending improvement, so this week we review all the work you’ve done in the last ten weeks, get group feedback, then take some time to step back and refine it.


You’ve got all the skills and tools you need to grow your business to six-figures. This week you’ll lay the ground work for future expansion by creating a lead magnet, email list and opt-in. We’ll also discuss basic strategies for creating passive income (& why you must do this for long-term wealth creation).

MODULE TWELVE - Cover your Assets: Financing & Legal Basics

In our final week together we’ll discuss financial and legal basics, including paying prepaid taxes (if you’re in the US), managing your accounts, creating an LLC and more – including long-term money management strategies to set you up for (early?) retirement.

“In a one hour meeting with Kate, I went from feeling like I had NO idea how to start my business to having a fully laid out plan, and more importantly, full confidence I could do it.”

– Zoe W., Journalist + Wellness Entrepreneur

Who will teach me?

Kate Bagoy is a corporate burnout turned award-winning consultant and coach for new and aspiring creative entrepreneurs.

You could say she knows a fair amount about starting and scaling businesses… Kate landed her creative dream job at a Fortune 500 company right out of college, but quit after becoming so burnt out that her most meaningful relationships were with Netflix and Vodka.

After failing her first attempt at freelancing and earning her MBA, Kate moved to Silicon Valley to manage product design and marketing for a mobile startup. The valley wasn’t a fit, but she caught the startup bug & has been working with entrepreneurs ever since!

In addition to starting several businesses of her own, Kate’s worked with more than 50 startups as a designer, marketer, product manager, strategist, analyst and advisor. She’s a graduate of the Portland Seed Fund, served as a mentor at multiple accelerators and educational programs including Washington State University’s MAP program and Georgia Tech’s ATDC Bootcamp and led projects for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Nike, Ricoh, HP, Apple, BP and Microsoft. Kate holds a BFA in Graphic Design and an MBA in Marketing and International Business.

In 2015, Kate quit her last day job and built a six-figure consulting business working part-time from her living room and in 2017, she left the US to travel full-time as a digital nomad with Remote Year.

Kate became a coach because she believe life is too short to simply exist, and anyone can be a successful business owner with the right mindset and mentorship.

Her personal mission is to inspire and empower people to lead lives by design, not default.

Special Guest Appearances By:

Dena Justice

Now a Certified Life Coach, Dena left a 17-year career to follow her passion & guide people through transformation. She’ll lead an exercise on limiting negative emotion, so you can earn more & feel better in your business.

Carin Skowronsky

Carin, Content Strategist & Founder of PairsWellWith.me, will talk about idea generation, content marketing, how to stay authentic on social media, dealing with change, and what it’s like to build a business on the road with Remote Year.

Sarah Weiler

Sarah, a former primary school teacher, uses creativity to help corporate burnouts at Power of Uke. She’ll talk about creativity, the power of quitting and will guide you through an exercise designed to release self-limiting blocks related to money.

“I believe life is too short to simply exist and anyone can be a successful business owner with the right mindset and mentorship.”

– Kate Bagoy, Six-Figure Freelancer

Investment & Planning

The 12-Week Six-Figure Freelancers online course is $249 when paid in full, or you can choose to pay in two installments of $149. Modules will be released weekly, but you’ll have lifetime access to course materials & the Facebook group.