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Create Your Corporate Escape Plan
Get step-by-step guidance for starting a profitable freelance or consulting business you can run anywhere (even the beach).
Create Your Corporate Escape Plan
Get step-by-step guidance for starting a profitable freelance or consulting business you can run anywhere (even the beach).
Ready to Start A Hyper-Profitable Freelance or Consulting Business You Can Run Anywhere?

I'll show you how to find clients online & create a plan for getting to consistent $10K months so you can quit that soul-sucking day job & design a life you love.

I'll guide you step-by-step through mastering your mindset, creating your brand and landing your first high-value client.

The accelerator simplifies business, brand, marketing and sales into easy bite-sized action items and gives you everything you need to land your first BIG client.

But this is NOT a skills-based course. 

Instead, I'll teach you the psychology and action steps for building a business around what you're already good at.

Because your problem isn't a lack of skills.

Chances are, your inbox is overflowing with freebies and digital marketing courses telling you "EXACTLY" what to do to get clients.

You're certainly capable of following advice and hitting "post."

You've got tons of tools, hacks, tips and resources for growing your business at your fingertips.

So why don't you do it or get the results?

The truth is, your skills and talents are NOT what’s holding you back.

The problem with your business is your lack of clarity and confidence.

Your procrastination and inconsistency.

Your worrying and overthinking.

Your comparing yourself to others while second-guessing yourself.

Your beliefs that money is scarce and that you're not worthy of receiving boatloads of it.

Your failure to act due to a need for perfection.

Your jumping from idea to idea and never finishing anything.

Your FEAR of "selling" and difficulty promoting.

The problem with your business is YOU.

YOU are your own worst enemy.

YOUR MINDSET is what's killing your business. I can help.
The Six Figure Freelancers Accelerator Is Laser-Focused on Helping You Master Your Mindset to Get Clients Consistently.

Freelancing is a $1.4 TRILLION industry. 

There are literally MILLIONS of businesses that want to hire you.

No matter what your craft - coaching, consulting, copywriting, design - clients are looking for your B2B service.

You're not finding clients because you are focusing on the wrong things & not showing up consistently.

Inside the Accelerator you'll learn how to create a business plan, set your rates, build a brand, market your services and sell with ease.

You'll learn what to focus on when.

And you'll start doing less work while earning more.

But most importantly, you will learn how to show up like a boss and do the things that scare you.

You will grow your business consistently, in spite of fear.

Even when you'd rather give up. When you can't do it perfectly. When you're filled with self-doubt.

You will stop over complicating everything and just get started, FFS.

We Focus On 4 Critical Components Of A Six-Figure Small Business:

You’ll begin to think like an entrepreneur, create resilience and build confidence in your ability to become a CEO who can accomplish anything - and who's ready to receive in abundance.


The strategies in the Accelerator are the same strategies that have helped 100's of other clients quit their soul-sucking corporate jobs, become sought-after experts in their fields, and get to $100k+ while working in their PJs or traveling the world.


You'll get the practical steps for making it happen - including all essentials for starting, growing, and scaling your business, like: branding, marketing, making sales, building proposals, and more.


You'll get access to an amazing community of other driven, talented, creative professionals who are unwilling to settle for a mediocre cubicle-bound life  and can share your struggles and successes.

What You'll Get:
30 powerful, bite-sized videos
20+ downloadable workbooks
Digital coaching support from Kate & private Facebook community
Exclusive access to video interviews and resources
Mobile app for on-the-go access
What You'll Create:
A winning and abundant mindset
A simple business plan, marketing strategy and brand outline
A clear pricing strategy based on the value you provide (not your hours)
Targeted goals for your life & business, and an action plan for achieving them
A website and marketing funnel designed to bring leads into your business
A sales & proposal strategy for landing big bids
Talented Pros Just Like You Are Quitting Their Soul-Sucking Jobs With This Program.

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Watch a Sample Training
The Six Figure Freelancers Formula for Building a High-Value Brand & Business You Can Run Anywhere
Six Figure Freelancers includes step-by-step implementation of the 6-figure formula, as discussed here. This is just a quick video to show you the quality of our content.
If You Are 100% Dedicated to Growing Your Service Business, I'd Love to Help.

You DESIRE freedom and life filled with more than golden handcuffs and the 9-5.


You're WILLING to work hard to build your own dreams instead of someone else's.


You're COMMITTED to running your own business and making your own rules.


You're EXPERIENCED in your field and great at your craft.


You're CAPABLE of offering great service and value personal growth.


You are DONE wasting time & doing everything the hard way.


You're READY to start hitting $10K months as fast as possible.

Inside The Accelerator, You'll Discover The Secrets To Building A High-Value Brand And Online Marketing Strategy That Attracts Clients You Love And Will Pay You What You're Worth. 
12 Easy Modules, Powerful Step-by-Step Training
Designed to be completed in about 3-months, while working a full-time job, the powerful framework can be completed at your own pace.
Designed to Give you Everything you Need to Get Out of Your Own Way & Build a Profitable Business:

Module 1: Vision, Goals & Plans
This week you’ll work on your mindset, create a vision for your life & business and set smart goals.

Module 2: Your Six Figure Mindset
This week we’re going to dive into some money mindset, review your strategies for success, remember why you’re such a badass AND get started in passive income.

Module 3: Your Business Plan
This week you’ll review business principles you may’ve slept through in college, spend time thinking about who you want to work with & create a 30-minute business plan.

Module 4: Branding Workshop
This week you’ll spend some time thinking about what you want people to say about you when you’re not in the room (branding) and will create a style guide and tagline that sets the tone.

Module 5: Setting Pricing & Creating Offers
This week you’ll spend even more time on money, getting specific with what you need to earn, then you’ll get clear on the value your create and set rates based on what you’re really offering.

Module 6: Self-Promotions
Stop panicking! Promotion is simply building relationships, not being sleazy or salesy. This week you’ll determine where you’re likely to find your clients in-person and online and come up with a strategy for meeting them there.

Module 7: Your Online Brand & Messaging
This week you’ll get a better understanding of what makes a great website, how to keep your brand consistent across multiple social media platforms and you’ll start creating content that positions you as an expert.

Module 8: Implementation Week
At this point, you should have all you need to build a great website and to begin promotions. So, it’s time to put things into action! Use this week to create or clean up your web and social profiles and to start promoting.

Module 9: Sales & Bidding Strategy
At this point, you should be starting to promote and have conversations about what you do. Now it’s time to start making offers. This week you’ll refine your elevator pitch, practice it and plan for the sales conversation and bidding.

Module 10: Operations & Finances
Now that you’ve landed the client, it’s time to start doing the work and optimizing for profit! You’re really good at this part already – this week you’ll start to create systems for communicating with your clients, planning financially and managing projects.

Module 11: Getting Sh!t Done
This week is all about managing your time, and more importantly, learning how to prioritize tasks and projects so you’re always working on the right things for YOU and your business.

Module 12: Ongoing Growth & Email Marketing [Coming Soon]
Congratulations! You’ve got everything you need to get started & get to 6-figures! For our final week we’ll cover strategies & best practices for continuing to grow your business (and your bottom line)!

BONUS: Digital Nomad Interview Series
Get access to exclusive videos from 6-figure location-independent business owners for inspiration and tips on running your business from home (or anywhere)

Accelerate Your Business Growth With A Proven Framework That Gets MASSIVE Results
What's My Investment?
Get Started Today & Land Your 1st $10K+ Contract in As Little as 2 Months*

No Questions Asked. No Hassle. Restrictions apply after 7 days.

Got questions? Let me know.
1-Time Payment
Lifetime Access to All Training Modules

Lifetime Access to Support & Private Facebook Group
3 Monthly Payments
Lifetime Access to All Training Modules

1 Year of Support & Private Facebook Group
* A single mindset or marketing shift from this program could get you to a 6-figure business this year. One of my clients used the principles in this program to land an $80,000 contract in 6 weeks after starting. Results not typical or guaranteed.

The Six Figure Freelancers Accelerator will teach you how to master your mindset, create a simple business plan, develop your packages & pricing, land your first client and establish the foundation for a six-figure small business.

These are the exact steps I took to start a $120K freelance business working part-time from my living room, and the same steps I took to reach my first 6-figures as a coach

This is a no-fluff, action-driven framework you can start using straight away. YOU WILL get results quickly if you implement the action steps.

You're getting the most critical tools my clients receive when they enroll in private coaching (Paying $5,000 or more) plus a great community for support.

I’m confident you’ll get $1,000’s of dollars of value from Six Figure Freelancers, but if you change your mind, simply message me within 7 days of purchase for a no questions asked refund.

After 7-days, if you’re unsatisfied with your progress you can email me your assignments to show your commitment. I ask for proof of participation to keep you accountable instead of letting you take an easy out – if you’ve put in your best effort & still feel this isn’t the right program for you, I’m happy to refund your purchase.

Who is Kate Bagoy?

A personal-growth junkie and designer by trade, Kate has been working with startups and entrepreneurs since 2008, when she burnt out of her corporate dream job, quit without a plan and earned her MBA.

She later started a design consulting business from home & quickly grew it to $120K working part-time.

In 2017, while traveling full-time with Remote Year, she built her coaching business entirely online from 22 countries.

Along the way she met 100's of driven and talented pros who were overwhelmed at how to start a business & find clients, much less make $10K per month online.

She had an idea for creating an action-based MBA for creative entrepreneurs, and thus Six Figure Freelancers was born.

Kate's personal mission is to inspire and empower people to lead lives by design, not default.


Frequently Asked Questions
Use the chat icon on the bottom of the page to ask yours.

How is the program delivered?
Six Figure Freelancers is a digital coaching program designed to improve your mindset & start your freelance, consulting or coaching business. Since everyone works differently, you’ll get access to a video trainings as well as written worksheets, and be able to ask questions or for feedback in our private community


What exactly is included?
Your membership includes lifetime access to an online training portal & 12 weekly training units. Each weekly unit contains 3-5 short video lessons and an exercise or activity related to marketing, mindset, motivation or money. See the complete program outline


How much work is involved?
The Six Figure Freelancers program is designed to be easily digested & acted on in a week, even if you’re working a day job. Your actual time will vary depending on your business, your drive & your experience. There is typically 30-45 minutes of video content per week and I recommend 3-5 hours of implementation time per week for best results.


How much time do I need to start a business?
I recommend you spend 30-minutes per day on your business, with a couple larger “chunks” of implementation time per week for a minimum total of about 5 hours a week. However, the program is self-paced and you’ll have lifetime access so you can take as long as you need. Just remember that the faster you go, the faster you’ll gain your freedom!


Will you tell me what tools to use?
Yes and no. These days most software companies have great resources libraries that will teach you how to use them, so it’s not an effective use of my time. I will give recommendations based on tools I’ve used & I’ll show you the basics for some of them… But every person & business is different, so it’ll be up to you (and part of your implementation time) to select what works best for you.


Can I join the course if I'm not in a creative role?

This program was created to address specific challenges I’ve consistently seen creative people struggle with. That said, the business principles of running a service-based business are typically interchangeable, regardless of your area of speciality. If you consider yourself a creative person and you have a service-based business or idea, the content will likely work for you. You may need to modify for your industry. Feel free to book a quick chat to talk about your specific business needs.


What if I already have a portfolio / brand / clients? Do I need this?
Are you getting the results you want? Are you running your business and feeling confident you’re on the right track for success? Are you earning consistent monthly income? Do you have a plan for retirement? Do you have a streamlined process for bringing in clients that doesn’t involve relying on Upwork or other marketplaces? Are you earning passive income? Do you wake up excited to work everyday? If you don’t have all of these things, you will benefit from the Six Figure Freelancers program.


What if I have Zero Experience? Can I make 6-figures?
That’s a really big question & the answer is “it depends.”  This program was designed for the mid-to-upper level skilled creative professionals who is great at their craft, but wants to feel more confident in their business acumen before letting go of a salaried position. You can become a six figure freelancer regardless of your experience, but your results will vary with your drive, ability to offer outstanding solutions and ability to market and sell your services to the right client.


How much $$ do I need to invest in other stuff? I.e. Marketing..
There are 3 types of capital we have to start our business: Time / Relationship / Money. The more you have of any = faster results. That said, there is no set amount of money you need to invest in other programs aside from a well-built website and lead capture strategy. This can be done with minimal investment via Wordpress or Squarespace 

If money is available for quality lead-gen / marketing, faster results can be gained, but it is not a requirement. When I started my design business I had a website, an email address, a linkedin profile and a twitter account.


Will it work for me?

If you’re starting a service-based B2B business, 100% yes.

If you’re starting a service-based B2C business, 100% yes, with a few modifications that are noted inside the accelerator

If you have been thinking of starting a business for years and never seem to make progress because you can’t decide what to do next, can’t pick and idea or are all over the map with ideas, you will benefit from the step-by-step framework.

If you are already in business as a freelancer, consultant, coach, or other service-provider and aren’t getting the results you want from your marketing, you will benefit from going back to the basics and following the accelerator framework to re-define your marketing efforts for effectiveness.

If you’re building a product-based creative business, like a blog with a paid product, you will benefit from the mindset, business and marketing training but may need modify to fit your particular niche

If you are building a tech startup, software as a service or other large business you will benefit more from private coaching than the online accelerator


Can I get feedback on my website, marketing materials, etc?
Yes! One you’re a client you can post your materials in our Facebook group or send to Kate via chat / email to request private feedback


What if I’ve never run a business before? Will it work for me?
If you are willing to learn and do the work, and are building a service-based business like a freelance business, consulting business, etc. you will have all the essential business, marketing and sales training you need to establish the foundation for your brand and move forward into landing your first client


I make $25/hour selling X freelance services. How can I ever get to 6-figures?
You are currently selling your skills instead of services. In Six Figure Freelancers you will learn to price & package your services based on the value you provide your potential customers. You will work with fewer clients at a much higher price-point. Ex: a client I worked with last year was billing $10/hr as a virtual assistant when she came to me. She has re-branded as a web & digital strategist and now does project-based web builds for $2000+ each. She went from averaging $2000 per month with 6-8 clients to $6000 per month with 3 clients because she was able to sell her services instead of her hourly skills.


Are you a Certified Coach?

No. I have an MBA in Marketing and more than a decade of experience working with early-stage startups - my programs revolve around proven business and marketing strategy.

I've also started two small businesses of my own and grown them to 6-figures within 14-months, have been a mentor in multiple business accelerators, studied under some of the top coaches in the world (including Tony Robbins, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp, Matthew Kimberley & Taki Moore), am a licensed Book Yourself Solid® coach, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and read an average of 40 personal development and business books per year (so you don't have to).


What kind of businesses / entrepreneurs do you work with?
I specialize in working with growth-oriented corporate burnouts - individuals who have climbed the corporate ladder or served time in the cube and are ready to create a more fulfilling life and more rewarding career.

In my private coaching programs I work with many types of entrepreneurs -  from bloggers to dentists to designers and aspiring startup founders with killer ideas & no idea where to start. My online programs are specialized for creative or "idea" people who want to grow service-based businesses they can run from home in their PJ's: think agency founders, designers, copywriters, event planners, marketers, coaches, consultants.


Why should I work with you over other freelance coaches or freelance training programs?
You should work with me if you trust me, like my teaching style and want help leaving the corporate world forever. One of the key selling points of the program is access to me, my skills and knowledge, which my private business coaching clients have paid up to $10,000 for. You get access at a fraction of the cost, in a self-paced online program & a creative community to boot.

That said, I’m big believer in community over competition and you should invest in a coach you trust. I’d love to have your business, but it’s far more important that you get the help you need building yours. The only other program I can personally attest to is Paul Jarvis’s Creative Class, which was excellent when I took it about 5 years ago – I’m even an affiliate.

The main difference between the programs is that Paul is focused solely on web designers already in business, so he goes into more detail on day-to-day operations than initial get-up-and-go. I actually recommend it as a follow up for designers who complete Six Figure Freelancers.

I also have a lot of respect for Leah Kalamakis of Freelance to Freedom, know many people who’ve benefitted from Brennan Dunn’s Double Your Freelance Rate and Jenny Bere’s Six Figure Freelancers Facebook Group for writers and have heard glowing reviews about Freelance Lift.

Start Your Business Today & Be Free by Summer

Get instant access to the program today and land your first $5k or $10K client in as little at 8-weeks.


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